Class jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions


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Constructor Attributes Constructor Name and Description
Default options for SCEditor

Class Detail

Default options for SCEditor

Field Detail

<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.autoExpand
If to auto expand the editor to fix the content
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.autofocus
If to auto focus the editor on page load
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.autoUpdate
If to auto update original textbox on blur
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.charset
The Charset to use
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.colors
Colors should be comma separated and have a bar | to signal a new column. If null the colors will be auto generated.
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.dateFormat
Date format, will be overridden if locale specifies one. The words year, month and day will be replaced with the users current year, month and day.
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.disablePasting
If to completely disable pasting into the editor
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.dropDownCss
CSS that will be added to the to dropdown menu (eg. z-index)
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.emoticonsCompat
Compatibility mode for emoticons. Helps if you have emoticons such as :/ which would put an emoticon inside http:// This mode requires emoticons to be surrounded by whitespace or end of line chars. This mode has limited As You Type emoticon conversion support. It will not replace AYT for end of line chars, only emoticons surrounded by whitespace. They will still be replaced correctly when loaded just not AYT.
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.emoticonsRoot
Emoticon root URL
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.enablePasteFiltering
If to enable paste filtering. This is currently experimental, please report any issues.
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.fonts
Comma separated list of fonts for the font selector
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.height
Height of the editor including toolbar. Set to null for automatic height
Optional ID to give the editor.
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.locale
The locale to use.
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.parserOptions
BBCode parser options, only applies if using the editor in BBCode mode. See $.sceditor.BBCodeParser.defaults for list of valid options
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.plugins
Comma seperated list of plugins
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.readOnly
If the editor is read only.
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.resizeEnabled
If to allow the editor to be resized
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.resizeHeight
If resizing by height is enabled
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.resizeMaxHeight
Max resize to height, set to null for double textarea height or -1 for unlimited
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.resizeMaxWidth
Max resize to width, set to null for double textarea width or -1 for unlimited
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.resizeMinHeight
Min resize to height, set to null for half textarea height or -1 for unlimited
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.resizeMinWidth
Min resize to width, set to null for half textarea width or -1 for unlimited
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.resizeWidth
If resizing by width is enabled
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.rtl
If to set the editor to right-to-left mode. If set to null the direction will be automatically detected.
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.runWithoutWysiwygSupport
If to run the source editor when there is no WYSIWYG support. Only really applies to mobile OS's.
Stylesheet to include in the WYSIWYG editor. Will style the WYSIWYG elements
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.toolbar
Toolbar buttons order and groups. Should be comma separated and have a bar | to separate groups
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.toolbarContainer
Element to inset the toobar into.
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.width
Width of the editor. Set to null for automatic with
<static> jQuery.sceditor.defaultOptions.zIndex
z-index to set the editor container to. Needed for jQuery UI dialog.